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Apple expects to save $1 billion by eliminating inefficient spending

25.07.2015 apleapplekot 0 Comments

Apple has reduced the forecast of capital expenditures for fiscal year 2015, $1 billion on the next day after the publication of disappointing data analysts on sales of the iPhone in III Fincastle, reports Bloomberg.

Apple expects to save $1 billion by eliminating inefficient spending

Only Apple intends to spend in fiscal year 2015, $12 billion for production development, data centers and expansion of a network of retail stores, compared to $9.6 billion a year earlier. According to the company, cost reduction is a consequence of increase of efficiency of investments, and plans on volume of output has not changed in light of the data for the last quarter.

This week Apple reported earnings growth in 38.9% and revenue by 32.5% in the quarter ended June 27, which was higher than market forecasts. Meanwhile, the company increased sales of smartphones iPhone 35% to 47.5 million units, while analysts polled by Fortune magazine predicted sales level 49.4 million

After the opening of trading following the publication of the report, Apple shares fell nearly 8%. Now the company’s securities traded at $124,5 versus $131 prior to the announcement of financial results. The discontent caused investors including Apple’s refusal to disclose the sales of the new gadget — smart watches Apple Watch. Data about their sales were combined with the results of the sale of consoles, Apple TV, iPod and various accessories. Total revenue of the “other products” was $2,641 billion, about one and a half times more than before the start of sales of “smart” hours. However, analysts fear that the real demand for the latest gadgets from Apple was much more modest than expected.

By estimations of experts surveyed by Bloomberg, Apple could sell about 1.9 million “smart” hours, despite the fact that, according to earlier sounded projections, sales should be about 3-5 million Apple Watch.

In the Apple quarterly results consider more than just good.

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