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Apple erased the Sony Walkman players from the history of sound recording

In a promotional video for a new music service Apple Music Apple originally told the “story” of the sound recording. Fifteen minutes covers the period from 1888 to the present day. But what is interesting — among phonographs, gramophones, radios, computers and digital gadgets have not found a place Walkman – iconic for its time, the cassette player Sony. Apple left Walkman “behind the scenes”, they were not.

Allotted technological evolution alone Sony has released 200 million cassette players. Not counting counterparts of other brands, Japanese and not. As noted Roem, Apple took 8 years, from 2001 to the second half of 2009 to release a number of their own iPods (~ 220 million by 2009), comparable to the circulation of cassette players alone Sony. Ignored and other players, is also associated primarily with Sony, in particular on CD-ROM.

With regard to portable CD players, and devices on a few of the less popular media, Sony released 2009 385 million gadgets. But in commercials Apple nothing like shown. Sony, which has made music portable, “simply did not exist”.

If you believe the official biography of Steve jobs, during the life of a brilliant businessman, Sony was one of his favorite companies. Jobs even did not rule out the possibility of installing Mac OS X on Sony Vaio computers. He admired the production and products of Japanese corporations. After the death of Steve jobs something went wrong…

The launch of Apple Music scheduled for June 30. Subscription it will cost in Russia 169 rubles a month, with the first three months it can be tested for free. Apple Music will be compatible with iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, and Windows PCs and Android devices.

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