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Apple doubts the mental condition of the iPhone and iPad

Apple refused to allow Russian developers to release the game, the plot of which the gamer has to break bottles about the head. According to the company, she feared that the owners of iPhone and iPad can replicate what is happening on the screen of their gadgets.

As told by the owner of the Studio APPriori Games BM, games Bottle Battle! was localized in 13 languages and sent last week for review in the App Store. The gameplay in it like Fruit Ninja. The user must destroy his virtual head of various subjects on time, avoiding the ones that can be dangerous.

5 days after consider applications Apple refused to release. In a statement the company said that the Bottle Battle! that could cause the iOS devices to break iPhone or to harm yourself or another person.

“The explanation they made us our own screenshots from the store. That is, they are for 5 days only looked at the pictures and came to the conclusion that our game will be to get people to beat the phone on the head.

Just specify that in the description of the game we from the first sentence warned that this is not repeated in the life” – told the developers.

Martynov called the situation “absurd” and since the game has no version for Android, but as its release on iOS, not yet clear. It was assumed that the game for the platform Google will be developed when the version for iPhone and iPad will reach break-even.

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