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Apple distributes for free is one of the best apps for storing passwords and credit card data oneSafe

How often do you hear that “for security reasons” you should not use the same password or pin for all accounts? And yet, for greater security, the password should contain a combination of letters and numbers. Also, a password, ideally, should be at least 8 characters long. Multiply the number of choices for the number of your accounts and you will quickly realize that keep in memory all these multi-character combination is not possible.

Writing passwords on a piece of paper to help you remember or recall when, taking a hint from under the keyboard, is counterproductive. Fortunately, there is a class of applications for iOS, designed to help people safely store and organize access to all sources of sensitive data so that the information was protected and available when needed.

The app oneSafe – one of the brightest representatives of the genre. Keeping the same functionality as 1Password, and mSecure, OneSafe, this program uses all the capability of iOS to give users a convenient and functional interface, coupled with intuitive navigation.

Full list of Goodies that can be put into a virtual “safety Deposit box” is huge: here we store data on Bank cards (number, pin-codes, account), SNILS, logins and passwords for rarely visited sites, PDF documents, Word, Excel, “secret” photos, access by unauthorized persons which is undesirable, and anything else of letters and numbers at the request of the owner. Plus content can easily operate has a special feature, as well as transfer information a pleasure. And, of course, incredible, amazing feeling that there is no need to go somewhere, to dig in the papers. All at a distance of “arm’s length”.

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Protective function as well at altitude: provides a secure browser is a 256-bit encryption. Of course, there is the possibility to synchronize data with the version for Mac and backup their data. Whether each person can decide for himself. In any case, this decision may be resorted to if necessary.

As you can see by the link app in the app Store free. Is it that bad? No, just talking about promotions within a few days everything will return to normal. Normal price oneSafe – 529 rubles.

What is before us? A worthy representative of its kind with an office twist. Infrequently it happens that the usual long letters and numbers understood in General in the “non-Apple” “wardah”, “Axela”, “power points”. As they say, a trifle, but nice. But everything else more than level. For “copy-paste “mode of God” and support for 3D Touch at all.

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