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Apple distributes a free “goat Simulator” for iPhone and iPad

Apple announced in the framework of “app of the week” distribution of the game “goat Simulator,” which caused a furor after the release on PC and mobile platforms. A few days after the start of sales the game has sold 100,000 copies. And now Apple has offered the game for free to all owners of iPhone and iPad.

Goat Simulator works on the Studio Coffee Stain Studios. In the game gamers can take on the role of this cloven-hoofed animal: to ride on urban prairies, lick and drag objects to make a dizzying stunts in the air and a lot more insane and fucking hilarious. After the dominance of a variety of mobile clones of the official Goat Simulator is a real breath of fresh air.

The main goal is to destroy everything. Goat Simulator remotely similar to GTA, although the developers are asked not to compare the two games, as the presented project was made in just a few weeks and is a large-scale open spaces.

Goat Simulator requires a lot of imagination and, shall we say, certain demands of himself. A person who is used, when the entertainment starts automatically when you run the. exe file, there will be incredibly difficult – you need yourself to come up with a lesson. Moreover, – and this gives the game polyleucine fake than a really serious product like Minecraft to eventually get tired of even the most unlikely visionaries.

Download Goat Simulator for iOS free in the App Store. In normal times, the cost of the game is 379 rubles.

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