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Apple distributes a free application with unlimited number of filters infltr

In furtherance of the mobile Apple Store iPhone and iPad users can download a photo app infltr. This is a new type of mobile applications for image processing with an unlimited number of filters. The cost of the program in the App store is 150 rubles.

If you are tired of a limited set of filters in standard lens, one of the options to add variety is to use infltr. With this program you can obtain unlimited number of unique shades. Take any photo and just carry your finger on the screen, as if moving through the color spectrum, changing the color scheme. For a small fee get countless different shades.

“Say goodbye to the old boring filters and filter life as you live it – immediately.” App infltr also works with the camera in real time, so you can already during shooting to change the colors of the world as you wish.

Touch the screen to create the desired track movement of the finger, create a color scheme. The following short video demonstrates how to work infltr:

Right now anyone can go to the official Apple Store, scroll down the Discover tab, find the banner with infltr and confirm your free application download. By clicking “Download for free” open the App store on the Redeem page, then you will be able to download the program by using promo code.

If in the main section of the Apple Store infltr is not displayed, go to the accounts tab, then “account Settings” and here, in Country, select United States.

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