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Apple discontinues sales of the iPad mini

3 years later after the presentation of the iPad mini Apple has discontinued sales model. On Friday, the device disappeared from the page of the official site and online store of the company.

iPad mini first generation was officially presented in October 2012. The novelty is released contrary to the covenants of the legendary Apple founder Steve jobs to keep pace with the competitors, before rasprobovali promising niche. In this case, cupertinos made in an unusual role of catch-up going on already established market, the success of which depends primarily on the prices that leaves not much space for innovation.

The mini-tablet has preserved the proportions of the older model, but the display size has decreased to 7.9 inches. He turned out to be 35% smaller and 53% lighter than the “big” iPad. This model is subsequently set the tone for all subsequent 7.9-inch tablet the company, and even the iPad Air and iPad Air 2 from the point of view of design which is reminiscent of the original iPad mini.

Long time Apple offered the iPad mini with 16 GB of internal memory available as tablet, decreasing in October 2013 his price to $299, and then to $249 in October 2014.

Since iPad mini was the last tablet without Retina display, all of the remaining models are now equipped with ultra sharp LCD panels and A7 processors and ACH, whereas the iPad mini has been used in the Apple A5.

The first iPad mini is still available from third-party retailers, as long as they don’t run out of stocks of this model, as well as from the Apple, you can buy a refurbished tablet.

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