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Apple did not protest against the immigration ban trump

58 companies in Silicon valley endorsed filed in the court of the state of Hawaii’s claim against the second the immigration Ordinance Donald trump. However, Apple and other companies, which in February opposed changes in the immigration law, did not sign the appeal in support of the claim.

Support filed in the court of Hawaii’s claim against the second the immigration Ordinance Donald trump turned 58 companies in Silicon valley, while in support of the claim in the court of appeal against the first decree last month voted 127 of the companies. Thus, the number of protesters has fallen by more than half.

Tech companies that rely on skilled labor from abroad more than other industries, played a major role in the cancellation of the first version of the changes in legislation. The reasons why the number of opponents has diminished, is not yet clear.

Among supporting the fight against immigration measures trump companies besides Apple dropped Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Intel, Twitter. Among the remaining — Airbnb, Dropbox and Kickstarter.

Lawyer Robert Atkins believes in the future, the support group of the claim may increase. So, according to the spokesman of Uber, the company is currently in the process of joining the group.

Apple representatives did not respond to questions from Reuters. As previously reported, the judge in Hawaii blocked immigration Ordinance Donald trump. As a result, the decree was suspended throughout the United States.

Donald trump arrived at a speech before supporters in Nashville, criticized the judge’s decision, calling it an abuse of power of the judiciary. “This decision makes us look weak… We are going to challenge this terrible decision and will go as far as necessary, up to the Supreme court. We will prevail and save the citizens safe, no matter what, believe me,” said the US President.

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