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Apple did a normal search in the App Store

As reported by TechCrunch, citing developers for iOS, Apple improved the algorithms for ranking apps in the App Store. The company perfects the mechanism of query processing, in the desire to focus on relevancy and user ratings, not the program names and keywords.

Developers and users have begun to notice improvements in App Store this week. Unlike previous versions of the mechanism of the current ranking scheme takes into account contextual keywords, including overlap words that appear in the title and metadata applications.

Developers notice that now for the same requests the App Store shows more similar and relevant to the subject of the query programs. In addition, unpopular software whose authors choose a better name, receives a lesser rating, which greatly affects its position in search results queries.

After reviewing the updated mechanics of the job search, Creator of Launch Center Pro David Barnard found that the App Store works “as they should”. For example, the query “Twitter” now gives the top lines of the popular Twitter clients Tweetbot and Twitterific. Still ranking mechanism did not show these apps even in the top ten, while the photo service Instagram, not related to the topic of inquiry, was in the top issue.

The ranking in the App Store is a collection of algorithms that allows to find exactly the programs that best meet the user’s request. “Do not underestimate the role of search engines the Apple store, affects the relevance of the issue,” says TechCrunch.

The ranking now takes into account the more popular applications. That is software that is downloaded more often has a higher rating than those with more relevantnim name, but a smaller number of downloads.

The App Store has more than 1.35 million apps, including 350 000 for the iPad. In October last year, the store reached the mark of 1 million programs, and in June to 1.2 million

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