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Apple denies involvement in the video “Choked on a IPhone. The true essence of girls”

Apple denies any involvement in the popular YouTube video “Choked on a IPhone. The true essence of the girls.” The company asks not to associate her name with this clip.

Sexually explicit content was uploaded to YouTube on 7 February and has already scored over 400 000 views.

“Golden Lord descended from Chinese factories and had a death grip on men’s wallets and fragile woman’s soul. What are you doing, honey? We’re suffocating, and it’s not funny. It is a gesture. Every year you change forms require all new offerings. I think this is funny?” reads the video description.

It may seem that the views of the roller is wound that raises the question, not whether it is iPhone, which is used as a game attribute of the main character of the video. In Apple claim that you don’t do product placement and advertising in music videos of Russian artists.

Apple has already sent the claim to the author of the clip who calls himself “the Glory of Leviticus” to retouch “gold” iPhone 6s Plus. While such a request is ignored.

In case of failure, Apple could file a complaint to YouTube and Roskomnadzor.

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