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Apple denied the possibility to jailbreak iOS

After the hacker Matthew Hickey shared his new method of hacking the iPhone, Apple was quick to announce that this method actually doesn’t work.

Employees of the Corporation called the actions of Hickey and his statements about the break-in correctly.

Matthew invented a new way to enter passwords in iOS keyboard. He introduced the password series, and then the system will not count the input as a separate attempt. Therefore, the device didn’t erase data after ten failed password attempts. Fortunately, his method does not work as intended.

“Recently appeared in the network information on the possibility to circumvent the protection in the iPhone is just a mistake and the result of incorrect testing,” Apple said.

But the interesting thing is that Apple didn’t even have to prove anything. Later, the hacker himself published a new tweet in which he said that his method of hacking will likely not help you crack someone else’s iPhone.

“Pin codes that I enter are not always recorded correctly by the system. Rather, visually it looks like the iPhone accept the password. In fact, they are not parsed by the system. She counts,” said Hickey.

Despite the fact that this method does not work, Apple accepts new security measures in iOS 12 will block access to the Lightning port for the iPhone and iPad until the user enters in a password. These measures will help to resist burglars like GrayKey.

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