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Apple demonstrates the capabilities of iPhone 6 video

As part of the campaign ‘Shot on iPhone 6″ Apple posted four new video designed to highlight the shooting features of the flagship smartphone of the company.

The earlier section on the Apple website dedicated to smartphones, included only a few videos, but the main focus was on the photos. Now the company has launched a new gallery clips shot around the world. Four new 15-second clip is also available on YouTube.

The video demonstrates the various possibilities of photography with the iPhone 6, including modes of slo-mo and timelapse. All of the clips shows a short episode duration 15 seconds, difficult to capture on video (for example, flying birds). After it is signed Shot on iPhone 6 (‘Shot on iPhone 6″).

Now on the Apple website is available in 11 videos and about 50 photos. It is emphasized that all simple video shot by ordinary people, not professionals, although the quality of individual records is impressive. Also if in the case of photographs, it was stated, what software was used for editing and processing, such information is not provided.

For the first time Apple launched the gallery ‘Shot on iPhone 6″ in March, putting on public display the works of several tens of users from around the world. In the future, these images have been used for print and outdoor advertising. The quality of the videos in the new gallery appropriate is recommended.

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