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Apple demonstrated what they are capable Siri voice assistant in iOS 10

On the eve of the release of Apple iOS 10 talked about the possibilities of voice assistant Siri in the new operating system for iPhone and iPad. The list of features posted on the official website of the company.

As you know, in iOS 10 application developers can add basic functionality to Siri. Introduced the ability to use a virtual assistant to control third-party programs using voice commands.

Using SiriKit, the developers will create apps with Siri support for messaging, search, photos, booking trips, making phone calls, personal payments and training. In addition, with Siri you can control the CarPlay application, adjust the radio or air conditioning through applications from automakers.

To demonstrate the capabilities of the technology, Apple opened three of this section, which describes different scenarios for using Siri. On the page “Hey Siri, send John $10,” the company writes that it is now using the voice assistant you can send messages by messengers like WhatsApp and send money to other users. Sending money is made through service Square Cash after authorization by means of the scanner Touch ID.

Page “Hey Siri, show me my best selfies” tells the teams to work with the photo app. For example, users may be asked to find pictures of fashionable wardrobe on Pinterest selfie in the standard library of the mobile device or image of a musician to a certain clothing. Apple leads, for example, a photo of rapper Drake with the ceremony of awards MTV.

Finally, in the “Hey Siri, book me a ride” we talked about the possibility to book a taxi ride services Lyft and Didi Chuxing and Skype with voice assistant Apple.

The iOS release 10 is expected in September after the launch of the new smartphone iPhone 7, and “smart” watches Apple Watch 2, is scheduled for September 7. Last year iOS 9 will debut on September 16 – a week after the announcement of the iPhone 6s.

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