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Apple decided to release its own TV

Before all the media attention was captured by “smart” watch Apple Watch, one of the most popular was the company’s intention to create your own TV set. Of course, talk about a complete lack of interest to Apple TV equipment segment in the background preparing Apple TV 4G. However, some time ago it was believed that the desire of Apple to release TVs under its own brand force Foxconn to get closer to the core assets of Sharp. Both companies, however, recently suspended expansion of cooperation.

Edition of the Wall Street Journal said, citing its own reliable sources that Apple plans to release high-definition television were abolished. In Cupertino have decided that I will not be able to make the product unique enough to stand out among competitors. As it turned out the newspaper, “fruit” Empire finally buried the project over a year ago — after 10 years of development.

“Apple at some point realized that at this stage of technology development can not offer anything innovative in the segment of “smart” TVs, but because of the exit of this segment of the market decided to give up,” writes The Wall Street Journal.

Instead, the company will improve set-top box Apple TV, making it more compact and easy to manage. The publication confirmed the rumors about the plans of Cupertino to announce in the near future the next generation device. The gadget will become thinner, to control your Apple TV will be using voice commands, and third-party developers can create their apps and put them in the App Store.

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Not all experimental products live up to the stage of serial production, this is true not only for Apple products. Perhaps the idea of iTV release, the company will come back in the future. And while the June event for developers must be demonstrated Apple TV 4G.

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