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Apple decided to leave in the line of iPhone 6s model with 16 GB of memory [photos]

As we approach the announcement of new smartphones from Apple, scheduled for early September, multiplies the number of rumors around the new products. We have already heard that the iPhone 6s should get a new 12-megapixel camera, much more rugged, and also displays that support Force Touch.

French blogger Steve Hammerdorfer placed on the Network “spy” picture of the packaging of the new generation phones. Most likely it will disappoint those who expected that in the near future the most affordable modification smartphones from Apple will get more memory. In the image we see the packaging for the iPhone 6s. The characteristics of the device, in addition to supporting LTE networks, NFC, Bluetooth, indicated by the amount of memory for data storage – 16 GB.

In the past persistently rumored that Apple’s smartphone will change the minimum amount of memory in the 16 gigabytes in the minimum configuration will come with 32 GB of available space. It was even alleged that the factory Foxconn did the labels for the three types of communicators – with 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB.

Because content consumption is growing in the world, and increase requirements to the capacity of disk storage. To store information, people are increasingly choosing cloud services, but the internal memory of mobile devices is more important as to post personal information people feel better. Producers seek to sell the device with higher capacity drives, but Apple still had another policy.

Starting with the 2010 models of the iPhone 3GS, “fruit”, the manufacturer uses the smartphone’s internal storage is only 16 GB (support flash cards not provided). Such volumes in the era of HD video and “heavy” apps are missing, but in Cupertino think otherwise. Apple believes that many users store their photos, videos and other content on cloud services (e.g., iCloud), so they do not need large amounts of memory on the phone.

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Be that as it may, the truth we learn soon, the presentation of the iPhone 6s will be held on September 9.

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