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Apple decided to ban the use of the iPhone driving

Statistics show that worldwide every year in road accident because of the distraction has killed tens of thousands of people. Without any doubt the main cause of such accidents in recent years have smartphones. Another development by Apple indicates that in Cupertino are preparing the technologies that are designed to increase the safety of drivers. In particular, Apple is working on options to limit the functionality of the iPhone while driving in the car.

Proprietary technology Apple is called “Fixing the controllers in cars using wearable devices” (Detecting Controllers in Vehicles Using Wearable Devices). Corresponding patent registered patent and trademark United States. Development company will give drivers the ability to use iPhone while driving. However for operation of the system the user must wear smart watch company.

According to the project developers, the Apple Watch by means of sensors able to determine that the owner is currently driving. In this case, it will drown out all the signals from the smartphone. He ceases to ring or vibrate in response to new SMS, messages in social networks and other notifications, and the person behind the wheel respectively to be less distracted by mobile device.

It is clear that the smartphone may incorrectly be switched off at a set rate. For example, passengers in cars, buses and trains can lose alerts for no reason. Therefore, the technology is still rely on the Apple Watch, and those are not all iPhone users. However, this is the first step towards a more safe and not so distracting digital devices.

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