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Apple deals best free photo apps 2015 Colorburn

The App Store is constantly have a unique application to work with photos. They allow you to make a card or collage, to enhance the picture or add filters to it. Colorburn from the Studio Wanman – popular photo application that allows you to keep in your pocket filters 1000 for any occasion. Apple named it the best app for photo 2015, but has now decided to distribute free of charge in the framework of “app of the week”.

The creators Colorburn offered 1000 filters for images. It is alleged that each of them made by hand by professional photographers. To develop such a large number of tools have Wanman took two years. Using any of them, as well as vignettes, adjusting the exposure, brightness, contrast and saturation, you can get a unique picture for publication online.

Not to say that all filters Colorburn unique. It would be quite difficult to make a number completely different from each other add-ons. However, this should be enough to publish three photos with different filters every day during the year.

When you first start Colorburn will show a training video that will detail how to use the app. You simply direct the camera at the desired object and remove one or more filters enabled. The filters can be changed by just swiping left or right, or by clicking on the colour button in the lower right corner. Any of them you can change or add to favorites by tapping the heart – they will be displayed in a separate tab.

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In Colorburn also offers the standard photo editing functions: crop, frame, contrast and brightness. A particularly fine frame are purchased separately.

The application allows you to demonstrate real flight of fancy. So try, experiment, and share with friends interesting findings. The more than Colorburn now available to download for free.

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