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Apple daily receives over 30,000 orders for Apple Watch

Apple Watch remain in the spotlight of analysts who publish forecasts on the volume of sales of new products almost daily. Thus, according to Slice Intelligence, for the period from 24 April to 18 may, Apple has received over 2.5 million orders for the smart watch.

According to KGI Securities, the demand for the Apple Watch is slowing down. After the initial surge of orders at the moment, the hype died down and Apple daily logs about 30,000 pre-orders for the device.

Estimated company TrendForce, the supply of “smart” watches Apple in 2015 will be at the level of 15 million units. It is expected that in terms of shipments, a California Corporation will exceed all other manufacturers of smart watches that will release to the market around 11 million units.

The continued success of the Apple Watch will largely depend on related services and applications, analysts say, noting that with the help of his watch Apple included in the daily lives of customers and begins to affect their behavior, thus creates for himself a new source of income.

TrendForce forecast for the next year envisages that the supply of the Apple Watch will increase to 26 million units, while shipments of such gadgets produced by other vendors will be at the level of 15 million units.

Meanwhile, analyst firm KGI Securities on the eve of the twice reduced its estimate for sales of the Apple Watch. If initially experts spoke on the annual volume shipments in 20-30 million units, we now expect the result to 15 million units, citing continued production problems and a weakening of demand.

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The report KGI there is one more interesting detail — about 80% of all produced have Watch case measuring 42 mm – hours major option. According to analysts, this may indicate that buyers of the device mostly are men who prefer a larger model. For women there is also an option in the 38mm case.

At the same time, analysts Canalys are more optimistic than their colleagues. Experts believe that Apple’s upcoming Apple Watch will become the benchmark for other manufacturers, but the supply of “Apple” hours this year will reach 20 million units.

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