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Apple criticized trump’s decree, which obliged the students-transgender people to go to “proper” toilet

Apple opposed the decision of Donald trump, which infringes, in its opinion, the rights of the LGBT community. Under the Ordinance, transgender people must visit the toilets in line with the floor specified in the birth certificate.

On Thursday the administration of U.S. President Donald trump reversed the decree of Barack Obama about the restrooms for transgender people in American schools. According to the decree of the former American President, such students could use the lavatory in accordance with the selected floors. Educational institutions are also forbidden to demand from them documents.

“Apple believes that everyone deserves the right to be in an environment free from stigma and discrimination”, – said representatives of the company.

“We support the efforts aimed at increasing, not reducing tolerance in society and believe that students who are transgender should receive proper treatment. We oppose any attempt to limit or redefine their rights and freedoms”.

Formerly, the US administration passed a law under which transgender people are able to choose which toilets and changing rooms — for boys or girls to use it. Trump administration considered it inappropriate.

“The Ministry of justice and the Ministry of education has cancelled a guide for educational institutions, released in 2015-2016… for object access based on gender identity, not biological sex,” — said in the message of the American Ministry.

Now the law requires transgender people to use restrooms and locker rooms in schools and public institutions in accordance with their gender specified in the birth certificate. That is, a transgender man, the floor of which the documents specified as women, have to go to the bathroom with women, and nothing else. State institutions can create your personal dressing rooms for persons of any gender that will work for transgender people, the law, however, to do so is not binding.

Note that the requirement Obama was caused by a scandal about the law of North Carolina, where people can use public restrooms only in accordance with biological sex. This act raised concerns about discrimination of transgender people.

Then the human rights organization filed a lawsuit demanding to cancel the law, joined the company. Their leaders signed a letter to the Governor with a demand to cancel the decree. In addition to the Apple defenders was supported by Airbnb, Cisco, eBay, IBM, Intel, Logitech, Microsoft, and PayPal.

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