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Apple creates a “smart” loop for the next generation of MacBook

As you know, the new MacBook Pro Apple offered a complete redesign of notebooks to reduce the thickness of the device. Today it became known an interesting design feature of portable computers of the next generation.

According to the patent application Apple, the new MacBook will include a new hinge system. Laptops running macOS are famous for the fact that they can easily open and close with one hand, and soon it will be possible to make even easier. In the document the company’s developers describe the new system of hinge using a torsion bar spring in a shaft running through the torsion.

In laptops, usually for opening or closing the cover, users need to make the extra effort. In conventional hinges the resistance throughout the range of motion is the same and not different in specific areas or certain directions. As conceived by Apple engineers, the new system of the pivots using torsion bar makes it easier and faster to open the lid of the MacBook and record it at the right angle.

As a result, the MacBook cover is easy to open at the beginning, and then securely fixed in the desired position due to the greater resistance.

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