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Apple could buy Disney Studio

Apple can buy the film company Disney, according to Business Insider, citing a report of the analytical company RBC.

In the accounts, the iPhone maker is currently more than $200 billion, Apple could use the money to purchase Disney, analysts say. It will be a good investment, considering that the animated film “Cold heart”, which became the highest grossing animated film of all time, created by Disney. In addition, five of the ten highest-grossing movies of 2016 released Disney. It’s “the First avenger: the Confrontation”, “the Outcast of one: Star wars. History”, “Zeropolis,” “the jungle Book” and “finding Dory”.

It is noteworthy that the CEO of Disney Bob iger is a member of the Board of Directors of Apple. He joined the Board of Directors of the “Apple” giant in 2011. He also owns shares in the company worth several million dollars.

RBC is not the only analyst firm that says about a possible purchase of Disney studios. At the end of last year in its letter to investors the founder of the hedge Fund Capital of Margate called the possible deal between the two companies a logical acquisition for Apple. Buy Disney not only allow Apple to become the owner of exclusive content, but also to “repatriate” $200 billion in offshore.

The value of the shares of the Walt Disney company at the close of trading on 27 March rose 0.21% to $112,38 apiece. The market capitalization of the Studio is estimated at $177 billion.

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