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Apple confirmed working on its own service interactive panoramas

Apple has told about work on own view of urban landscapes. On the website of the company page there was a section with a description of the schedules of the vehicles to update the map data of the company.

According to published data, the hire Apple to appear on the streets of some cities in the US, the UK and Ireland from 15 to 30 June. It is noted that the faces of people and license plates of cars will be “blurred” by special technology, so that no one can identify the image of people and vehicles.

Thus, it can be argued that the “secret cars” Apple gathering information for analog Yandex.Panorama. The cars will start to work in 14 cities in the U.S., in 45 cities and counties in England and in Dublin.

Cars with cameras and laser sensors on the roofs on the streets of American cities began to notice early this year. Judging by the numbers, they belong to Apple. Then there was the assumption that the California giant is still collecting data for the map service and create a self-service interactive panoramas.

According to reports, the cars are three-dimensional imagery of streets, roads and buildings with high resolution, using two rotating cylindrical device is a LiDAR sensors. The latter is based on laser technology. Sources say that Apple plans to launch its service interactive panoramas, but “simpler and more intuitive than Google Street View”.

Before WWDC, it became known that Apple bought the startup Metaio design component of augmented reality. Observers have suggested that the Corporation is going to add it to your map. Thus you can learn, for example, the location of institutions and organizations on the street.

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At the moment Apple is working on updated maps for iOS 9. In the new operating system will be able to plan routes of travel by foot, bike, public transport, car or by metro.

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