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Apple confirmed the purchase of the company’s Perceptio developing artificial intelligence

Apple confirms purchase of Perceptio – a startup that develops technology to run on smartphones advanced systems of artificial intelligence (AI) that does not require transmission of large amounts of user data. About it reports Bloomberg.

The founders of Perceptio are experts in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning Nicholas Pinto and Zach stone. They have developed a technology of image recognition for smartphones using deep learning. Deep learning approach to artificial intelligence that allows computers to learn to identify and classify the received external sensor data.

Development of Perceptio involve the creation of technologies for image recognition, for work that does not require conversion to cloud services. This approach is consistent with Apple strategy under which the company seeks to minimize the collection of data about users of the gadgets, treating them as directly as possible on mobile devices.

In Apple said that “from time to time acquire a small company, and as a rule, does not discuss data acquisition”.

A few days ago it became known that the American computer electronics giant has acquired yet another startup VocalIQ that develops intelligent voice control system.

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