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Apple confirmed the acquisition of technology developer of motion capture FaceShift [video]

In September of this year there was a rumor that Apple is buying FaceShift, a company which developed technology to animate computer characters without using markers. The publication of today TechCrunch has confirmed this information.

TechCrunch contacted Apple for absorption FaceShift. Company limited standard answer that it gives in such cases: “from time to Time Apple buys smaller technology companies. And we generally do not discuss our purpose and plans”.

FaceShift was founded in 2012 after the separation from ETH and EPFL. Its professional products to capture facial expressions used around the world in film, including the movie “Star wars”, and creating games, monitoring emotional reactions, safety and research.

In the technology using the camera analyzes the movement of the face of an actor and describes them as a mixture of basic expressions and head orientation and gaze. This description is then used to animate virtual characters for use in the production of films or games.

FaceShift created a few consumer software solutions, including Faceshift Faceshift Studio and Freelance. According to the description, they integrate tracking in real-time and high-quality post-processing in one program. Animated characters can be exported to 3D animation software. Also supports streaming media, which allows its use by artists for the purposes of interactive installations. After the alleged purchase by Apple of selling FaceShift Studio stopped.

For what purpose Apple purchased FaceShift, is still unknown. According to one version, the technology will be implemented in the new generation of Apple TV will be part of a gaming platform or will be part of the existing Apple products.

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