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Apple computers lose “kromboom” the battle for schools

A recent study of sales show that Apple is losing the battle for schools. iPad and Mac laptops were once the leaders in this segment and accounted for around half of the devices used in American schools in 2013. However, this figure has been steadily decreasing because of the availability of the Google Chromebook.

According to Astera, in 2016 on “Hambali” were 58% (12.8 million) of shipments, while shipments of devices based on the macOS has dropped to 19%. This is a substantial change from 2015, when the Chromebook took 50% of the market, Apple 25%. Tablets and laptops based on Microsoft Windows kept about 22% of the market in 2015 and 2016.

Chromebook is not only cheaper than a normal Apple, but also boasts a powerful range of tools to improve productivity. Teachers and students enjoy the benefits of G-set, easy integration with third-party tools and manage devices and tasks, or distribute it via Google Classroom. This is despite the fact that Apple last year launched a branded app Classroоm.

Will the Apple Classroom and educational updates feature in iOS to restore the dominant position in the public education system? Remain a big problem for schools is the cost of Apple hardware, given that the funds earmarked for education continue to decline. Microsoft could become a major rival Google, as the company and its partners recently unveiled a number of Windows devices costing less than $300. They have also presented a tool InTune for education, which is similar to the Google control panel at the same price.

Microsoft also more popular outside the US, but worldwide sales dropped by 26% to 13.6 million units. Regions like Latin America, known for large-scale deployment of PC, faced with lower income from the sale of oil and currency fluctuations. Many economists believe that in 2017 will be delivered about 16 million devices. As for the Chromebook, they are very successful in Northern Europe.

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