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Apple compared with the Church of Scientology

Apple products and the very ideology of this company resemble, if not a cult, at least philosophy. But there are those who believe that the brainchild of Steve jobs close to the notorious organization called the Church of Scientology.

The Church of Scientology has long been considered an institution engaged in controversial activities – whether it’s religious community, or business. Many call the organization a cult, and its dogma is the system of practices and beliefs, consisting of pseudo-scientific and religious ideas based on the books by science fiction writer Ron Hubbard.

Drew Parallels between Apple and the Church of Scientology, the film “Steve jobs: the Man in the car,” Alex Gibney. Given his attitude to the company, the reasoning of the Director suggest alarming conclusions. As journalists found out The Verge, Gibney dissatisfied with the ruling policy of Cupertino which allegedly caused him various obstacles in the process of production of the picture.

“Of course, I find some similarities [between Apple and Scientology] – Frank directed. But I don’t want to exaggerate them, because the Church of Scientology actively violates human rights, blindly guided by the doctrine of Hubbard. Apple, of course, this is not, but their attitude to criticism is extremely hard. The company is very sensitive about its image. I don’t think it’s good.”

Apple really possessive of their image in the press. As told to the author of the blog 9to5Mac’s mark Gurman, the company was not required to remove, from her point of view, unsuitable for publication information. Furthermore, it is known that Apple sends reviews for gadgets journalists, who are more loyal to “Apple” products. Sharing his impressions with the readers, they will work to promote new products. And, of course, most of us have friends who will buy anything with “Apple” on the case.

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