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Apple commented on the demands of the hackers to pay a ransom under the threat of destruction of data with 300 million iPhone

Unknown hackers extorting Apple to $75,000, threatening in case of failure remote wipe of 300 million email accounts iPhone. In Cupertino deny the attackers the real user accounts.

According to Apple, the hackers have only data “early hacked third-party services”.

“On Apple systems, including iCloud and Apple ID, there was not one successful attack – said the representative of the company. – A tentative list of email addresses and passwords likely obtained from a previously compromised third-party services”.

In Apple noted that they would continue to “regularly monitoring” and recommended that all users enable two-factor authentication.

“Apple conducts regular monitoring to prevent unauthorized access to user accounts and works with the police to identify the criminals involved. To guard against such attacks, we recommend that users always use strong passwords, don’t repeat passwords on different sites and enable two-factor authentication”.

Recall that the hacker group Turkish Crime Family claims to have access to several millions of email accounts and Apple can remotely destroy the data stored in them. Criminals demand that the company pay them a ransom of $75,000 in bitcoin Bitcoin or Ethereum. Attackers also accept gift certificates iTunes $100 000. On their Twitter page they posted a message that the deadline for the ransom payment expires April 7 2017.

At the request of the group on Twitter, can suffer 200 million accounts. But in the negotiations that criminals are supposedly from Apple, it appears the figure of 300 million At the same time, one participant group reported a third figure – 599 million accounts. Part of the compromised accounts end with @icloud and @me.

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