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Apple commented on reports of a Trojan that attacks iOS devices without jailbreak

Earlier on Monday MacDigger wrote about a new malicious application YiSpecter, which, according to experts, successfully infects iOS devices without jailbreak November 2014. A few hours after the publication, Apple has officially commented on this information.

“The problem only affects users of older versions of iOS that downloaded malicious software from untrusted sources, – said the representative of Apple. – We have closed this issue back in iOS 8.4 already and also blocked an application that was spreading the malware.

We encourage users to install the latest version of iOS in order to be protected from any malware. We also encourage them to download content only from trusted sources like the App Store and to pay attention to any warnings that appear before you start downloading applications”.

YiSpecter Trojan, which masqueraded as a media player to view the porn content QVOD, was discovered 10 months ago. Vectors of attack was to intercept Internet traffic, the worm for the Windows, attacking the messenger Tencent QQ and online community, whose members have established third-party applications for compensation from their developers.

The exact number of affected devices is still unknown, however, according to the researchers, YiSpecter infects iPhone and iPad without jailbreak November 2014. Infecious device, the malware can install unwanted apps, to download and replace legitimate programs that display on the entire screen unwanted ads, modify bookmarks and search engine by default in Safari, send user information to your server and automatically recover after the user manually deleted it.

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