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Apple Cochlear and test new technology for people with hearing loss

Apple Cochlear and began testing on volunteers new hearing aid that connects directly to your iPhone.

Last week appeared information about the fact that both companies are working on new technology that will allow you to directly transfer the sound from iPhone to hearing aid and also control the settings of the implant from your smartphone.

That new hearing AIDS have already tested the volunteers, announced the publication of the Wired, noting that “Apple literally puts the voices in the heads of users through technology”. The publication spoke with one of the program participants — 49-year-old Matthias Bornmuellera (Mathias Bahnmueller) — which uses a new Cochlear implant 7 with the possibility of direct control with the iPhone.

According to The Wired, a new hearing aid developed jointly by Apple and Cochlear, bypasses the traditional scheme of these devices. The Cochlear processor 7, which in June approved the Management on control over products and medicines of the USA, receives the signal directly from the iPhone and does not require additional transmitters and applications. The user can listen to music, podcasts, and other digital sounds, and use the iPhone as a microphone, thanks to Apple-designed Live Listen.

According to the head of division of Apple on the issues of universal access, Herrlinger Sarah (Sarah Herrlinger), the company has long been engaged in developments in the field of providing services to users with hearing loss. The main problem was that people with hearing AIDS have difficulty if required to make phone calls.

“Our main goal was to get rid of the bulky adapters that work on short-lived batteries, and to make the user a single button to answer an incoming call,” he said Herrlinger.

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Don’t miss the opportunity to talk about the new technology, and Tim cook. In his Twitter, he called the joint development of Cochlear and Apple’s “breakthrough in the field of universal access for people with hearing loss”.

An #accessibility breakthrough for people with hearing loss. Proud of our team’s work with @CochlearUS @WIRED

— Tim Cook (@tim_cook) August 3, 2017

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