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Apple closes App Store for developers from 22 to 29 December

Developers registered in the Apple Developer program, has received official notification that during the period from 22 to 29 December this year, the resource iTunes Connect will stop working. This service is used to publish games and apps in the App Store.

In an official letter Apple announced that during a break in the work of the iTunes Connect developers will not be able to send for posting in online store new apps and games as well as doing the content releases for existing products.

“The busiest season for the App Store is almost here. Make sure your apps are up to date and ready for the winter holidays. New apps and updates will not be accepted during the period from 22 to 29 December, so any releases should be sent for consideration previously approved. iTunes Connect will be available to developers in a usual mode”.

App Store – the largest service of its kind. This is the only official channel for selling applications for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. According to official statistics, at the end of September, the number of apps in the App Store exceeded 1.35 million, of whom more than 600 000 is intended for the iPad. Part of released applications free and the average cost of most paid between 15 and 59 to 279 rubles rubles. In July of this year the App Store was 7 years old.

Application developers for iOS gets 70% of profits from sales in the App Store. In total, Apple has paid programmers more than $10 billion.

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In previous years, Apple closed iTunes Connect for a seven-day Christmas break.

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