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Apple closed the Apple Store before the launch of the new iPod

In anticipation of the launch of the new line of iPods, Apple has discontinued support for Apple Store and posted a warning that conducts its update.

Usually Apple stops Apple Online Store to upgrade the product line. It goes well with the fact that today it will premiere a new iPod.

According to informed sources, as described in the various media, we expect new models of iPod touch, nano and shuffle. All players will be updated externally, the device will be available in the colors “gold”, “sky metallic”, “fuchsia”, “classic black”, “pink” and “grey star”. Internally two compact models – iPod nano and iPod shuffle, most likely, will not change. iPod touch, on the contrary, will get a 64-bit replacement for the 32-bit A5 processor, which in 2011 was announced the iPad 2. What kind of processor will be used in iPod touch new generation, not specified.

News about the forthcoming update of the iPod line began to appear with the release of iTunes version 12.2. When you connect your device to the computer careful users noticed that the player showed the players in the colors, which you cannot buy in the Apple Store at the moment. First, in most cases, to discuss the upcoming release of new products was the release of the latest version of iOS.

In this article, we carefully considered which iPod models can represent Apple.

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