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Apple close to launching Apple Pay service in China

Apple has launched a database of the payment service Apple Pay in the free trade Zone /FTZ/ in Shanghai. This was reported on Saturday, the management Committee of the Shanghai FTZ.

Apple is actively promoting its mobile payment systems to the Chinese market, the extent of which is estimated at $1 trillion. Including reported about the intensive negotiations on cooperation with the Chinese Association of issuers of Bank cards of China UnionPay. Through these efforts, Apple has been able to register the specified base in Shanghai FTA in the form of Apple Technology Service (Shanghai) Ltd. in June.

Apple Pay was introduced in September last year, and its official launch on the American market took place in the second half of October. The system allows iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Apple Watch, iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 to make payments in stores and on the Internet in a contactless manner using a communication technology near field NFC.

China UnionPay is making active efforts to spread the payment of NFC technology in China and is expanding the installation of the in-store POS terminals that support such technology. However, currently much more popular in China is the payment method provided by domestic companies Alibaba and Tencent, which allows users to make purchases by scanning a QR code.

Information about the timing of the launch of Apple Pay in China yet. Early in the year, the Reuters Agency reported that the main partner of American corporations in China will perform Alibaba is the largest company in the field of Internet Commerce.

Tim cook has repeatedly stated the importance of the Chinese market for Apple. “China indeed is a key market for us. Everything we do will work here. And Apple Pay is top of the list,” he said. The CEO noted that in order to provide users with the iPhone and Apple Watch is the ability to use smartphones as a digital wallet, Apple need to hold a series of meetings to discuss the terms of cooperation with banks, trading companies and mobile operators.

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