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Apple Clips for iPhone and iPad is now available for download

App Clips, Apple announced in March of this year, became available for download in the App Store. The new product offers a set of special tools, which allows you to combine videos, photos and music.

In Clips for the first time the function is implemented “Live headers” — it allows you to create animated subtitles with the voice. Exciting effects, for example, imitation of comic book cloud text, shapes, full-screen animated posters — all this will give the casters personality.

“Clips is a new software application to create funny videos that you can share with friends, family and the world. With just a few touches, you can create and send a video message or tell a short story with animated text, graphics, emoticons, music and more”.

The app allows you to combine Clips into one video of several videos on iPhone and iPad without using the timeline, tracks and other complex editing tools. Just press one button to take a picture or video or add from your library Photo. You can then apply artistic filters, use of a cloud with text, shapes, emojis. You can also add full-screen posters with animated background and custom text. In Clips there are dozens of music tracks, and they automatically adjust to the length of the video.

Feature “Live headers” allows you to add animated captions, just by dictating the desired text. The subtitles are created automatically as navarivanija text and displayed on the screen synchronously with the voice of the user. Then you can choose a style (or combine several) to touch any line to correct the text and punctuation, and even to insert Emoji.

Videos created with Clips, can be immediately placed in social networks and websites to publish videos, including Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

Download Clips free on devices running iOS 10.3 at this link.

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