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Apple claims that they fixed the bug, because of which the MacBook Pro has discharged faster than normal

When testing a MacBook Pro sample 2016 experts Consumer Reports drew attention to the fact that in some cases the new top-end Apple laptop loses charge unreasonably fast. In Cupertino argue that the reason for that crashing the Safari browser that developers already fixed.

According to experts, the spread of time use of your MacBook Pro away from the outlet reaches from 3.75 hours to 19.5 hours, which suggests that software has some problems. Now Apple has released an official statement that explains the cause of the incident.

Cause a high current draw is the method of testing. To determine the time of Autonomous work experts have disabled caching in Safari. By default, this feature is enabled and users are unlikely in everyday life to face with the same algorithm that was used in the test.

The company has already released an update for the browser, although as yet only for participants of the beta program, and asked Consumer Reports to re-test without disabling, as the average user will not do this.

A number of experts considered the explanation Apple stretched, especially given the fact that the statement briefly mentions the correction of a bug that was identified during tests. Also, do not forget that users ‘ complaints extend to the autonomy of the MacBook Pro in General, not just to work in the mode of viewing web pages. In the end, the novelty is positioned as a tool for work, not visiting social networks.

In any case, it remains to wait for the findings based on testing with the updated version of Safari.

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