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Apple CEO urged to fight for gay rights worldwide

Apple CEO Tim cook believes that in modern society still retains the wrong attitude to the LGBT community. In an interview with the University newspaper The Plainsman, he said that throughout his career, tried to protect their privacy from prying eyes, and did not seek to attract attention. However, the rejection of society towards gays and lesbians has forced cook to openly declare their homosexual.

For the first time the head of Apple told about his homosexuality to Bloomberg Business in 2014. “Although I never denied his sexual orientation until now I also didn’t talk about it publicly. I will say without equivocation: I am proud that I am gay, and I consider it one of the greatest gifts of God,” he wrote.

Apple CEO admitted that he was fortunate to work for a company that loves creativity and innovation and knows it can flourish only if it is to accept people in all their diversity. But many work in other conditions, although the attitude towards the LGBT is slowly changing for the better, he said.

“Unfortunately, these changes do not occur as wanted, – cook said. – Everyone deserves the same rights. I’m not talking about special rights, just about the same rights. I believe that this is true not only for the gay community, but for many other communities.”

Cook added that not only the wrong attitude to people with nonconventional orientation, but also gender inequality deprives scientific and engineering industry is a significant part of securities professionals. In his view, gender diversity largely determines the economic development in the country and has beneficial effects on the labour market. The equal presence of men and women in various industries leads to the growth of GDP and improvement of quality of products.

However, in the USA the number of women and men in the STEM industries — science, technology, engineering, mathematics — disproportionate, cook said. At the moment in the US only 17,1% of industrial engineers are women, and the head of a technology company, I am sure that this is not enough.

“If nothing changes, the US will lose its leading role in technology,” — said the head of Apple. The lack of women in scientific and technical sector will lead to a reduction in the number of innovations.

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