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Apple CEO Tim cook was not even in the top ten most effective leaders

CEO of most expensive in the world, Apple’s Tim cook did not come out even in the top ten most effective leaders according to Bloomberg. In the new edition of the ranking, the CEO was on the 11-th line, replaced the top managers of Google and China Mobile.

To assess the performance of the heads of the largest companies in the world, you should take into account many nuances. And, of course, final conclusions about the effectiveness of the Manager often done on the basis of the financial reports of corporations. Bloomberg has added to this criterion another — monetary reward Director on the basis of the percentage of two indicators calculated degree of utility CEOs of the hundred largest companies in the world.

The “net” salary Tim cook made $2 million, $8 million he received as rewards, plus other allowances totalling almost $300 000. Thus, the total amount of the fee Chapter of the “Apple” giant exceeded $10 million, which dropped him to eleventh place in the ranking of the most effective leaders.

At the same time, the average economic profit of Apple over the last three years exceeded $22 billion, making it number one out of a hundred selected corporations. To get closer to her could only Verizon, but its head Lowell McAdam is at the fourteenth position, due to the fact that he earned more than $18 million.

Almost the entire top five was made up of representatives of the IT industry. Among them, the most effective were recognized as Robert Pera of Ubiquiti Networks, which had not received a salary, while the average economic profit of the company for the last three years amounted to $129 million third place went to Larry page, who heads the holding Alphabet.

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