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Apple CEO Tim cook visited Sun Valley – summer camp for billionaires

Apple CEO Tim cook visited the landmark conference Sun Valley, reports Businessinsider, who published pictures of the top Manager. Along with a major Corporation in the event participated the Vice-President of Apple’s Internet services eddy cue.

Tim cook and eddy cue

The Sun Valley conference takes place annually since 1983. Organizer large Bank Allen & Co. in new York city. It attracts several hundred leaders of the IT industry. Throughout the week, they talk about politics, technology, and business.

In Sun Valley CEOs make important deals and partnerships for its future activities. Expected at the event Tim cook and eddy cue will seek partners to market its own television service.

The Founder Of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg

Tim cook has already participated in a conference in Sun Valley last year along with other key figures from the world of technology such as Bob iger of Disney, Jack Dorsey of Twitter, Sergey Brin and Larry page of Google, mark Zuckerberg from Facebook and others. Sun Valley is considered one of the most important events for the big business the USA, where they discuss business matters and make new acquaintances.

Billionaire Warren Buffett

On the guest list at the event in addition to cook are also the CEO of Google, Microsoft, Dropbox, Netflix, Miramax,, Twitter, eBay, Amazon and other American corporations.

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