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Apple CEO Tim cook in Russian expressed condolences to the victims of the terrorist attack in the subway of Saint Petersburg

Apple CEO Tim cook in Russian expressed his condolences to the Russians, the victims of the explosion in the subway of St. Petersburg. The message the CEO posted on his Twitter account.

“Sincere condolences to everyone affected by the tragedy in Saint-Petersburg,” – wrote Tim cook. The message head of Apple retweeted nearly 6,000 people “liked” by almost 12,000 users.

Many English-speaking subscribers supported Tim cook. But there were also skeptics who said that the account of the head of Apple, probably hacked. One of the readers said that the CEO had hurried with condolences to the Russians, Recalling the “intolerant attitudes towards the LGBT community in Russia.”

The explosion occurred Monday in the St. Petersburg metro on the stretch between the stations “Sennaya Ploschad” and “Tekhnologichesky Institut-2”. SK Russia said about the initiation of proceedings under article “terrorist act”.

According to the National antiterrorist Committee (NAC), the explosion in the train happened at about 14:40. Subsequently, the NAC reported the neutralization of an explosive device at the station “Ploschad Vosstaniya”.

My condolences in connection with tragedy has already expressed the majority of countries and organizations, including NATO, OSCE, the USA, Britain, Germany, France, Turkey, Greece, India and others.

According to the NAC, in the attack, nine people were killed and over 40 injured. Two of the victims died in hospital from his injuries. In St. Petersburg from April 4, announced three days of mourning.

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