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Apple CEO Tim cook in France, met a famous fashion designer Julien Fournier and co-founders of the service VizEat

After visiting two Apple stores during a trip to France Tim cook met with several prominent figures, including famous French fashion designer Julien Fournier and co-founders of the service to share food VizEat.

In his Twitter CEO admired the “incredible talent” Fournier, who, according to cook, has created his new collection with the help of iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil.

Fournier is a famous character from the world of fashion. He worked in the fashion house Nina Ricci, then worked on the accessories for Christian Dior and Givenchy. Fournier was admitted on probation to the house of Celine, and then fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier took him to the post of assistant stylist couture collection. In 2009, Fournier was awarded the highest award of the Paris in the fashion industry (category “confirmed name”).

On a trip to France, Tim cook also met with the co-founders of the service VizEat Camille and Jean-Michel. VizEat service for the exchange of food, which began to gain popularity in Europe. The idea of the app is simple: anyone, instead go to a restaurant, you may find a person (usually a local resident), who invited me to visit and feed self-prepared lunch or dinner. Apple CEO on Twitter he thanked “his new friends” for the “beautiful food”.

The main purpose of the visit Tim cook in France is still not clear. On Sunday he was surprised by Apple employees appearance in a Marseille shop in the middle of the day. Subordinates welcomed him with whistles and applause.

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