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Apple CEO Tim cook decided to move to Apple Park

Work on Apple’s new campus is nearing completion. According to the newspaper San Francisco Chronicle, the head of the company Tim cook is planning to move his office from the old building into the new Infinite Loop headquarters in the form of a ring.

This week Apple announced that the new campus will be called the “Apple Park”. He will open doors for employees in April. The process of moving employees to the “Apple” company, and that over 12,000 people will take more than six months. Tim cook is planning one of the first to move to new headquarters. However when Apple chief plans to move to a new office, not reported.

As well as old campus, the new building is located in Silicon valley, in Cupertino, n covers an area of over 70 ha. the Building is constructed in futuristic design in the form of a ring. Its facade is covered with the world’s largest panels of one-piece curved glass. In the new campus of the company visitor centre, working offices, closed areas for research and development, a fitness center for employees, Park.

In Apple Park will be located underground meeting room, called Theatre of a name of Steve jobs. This Friday, February 24, the founder of Apple, would have turned 62 years. Paying tribute to his memory, the company has built a unique complex. The entrance to the auditorium with 1,000 seats is a glass cylinder with a height of 6 meters and a diameter of 50 meters, the roof of which is made of carbon fiber.

Construction of buildings and Park areas around the new Apple headquarters will continue during the summer.

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