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Apple CEO thanked the buyers red iPhone 7 for participation in the program for the fight against AIDS

Apple CEO Tim cook thanked buyers of the iPhone 7 in new red coloring for their support of the program (RED), which is struggling with a dangerous disease worldwide. A large-scale campaign aimed at fighting AIDS, would not have been as Grand without the participation of the “Apple” of the Corporation.

This week Apple started selling a special limited edition of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus bright red in the charity event, the funds from which will go to the Global Fund to fight HIV. Copertina which year are making an invaluable contribution to this good cause, materially contributing to the development of the Global Fund to fight AIDS in the framework of cooperation program RED.

“I thank our customers who supported the programme (RED) through a new, special version of the iPhone 7! Together we will move forward to a new generation without AIDS,” wrote Tim cook in his Twitter account. The message head of Apple retweeted more than 1,000 people and “liked” 4300 users.

Apple is among the largest sponsors of the Fund (RED). During the partnership, the iPhone maker has listed about 130 million dollars out of a total of 465 million dollars received from sales of products marked with RED. Output players, headphones and accessories in RED-the modifications helped to make the world a better place, providing residents of the poorest corners of our planet antiretroviral drugs.

Note that the most popular commentary on the recording Tim cook was the request of the user to release a red iPhone 7 with a black front frame. Hundreds of readers are head of Apple Twitter approached him with a proposal to revise the design a special modification flagship. Cook has not commented on these requests, but about how to install a black border on a red iPhone 7 we have written here.

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