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Apple CEO played in GarageBand with the musician JJ Lin [video]

Musician and award-winning JJ Lin held a master class for the head of Apple Tim cook. Singapore-Chinese pop singer performed the song in the new version of GarageBand for iOS.

The GarageBand update are a few new tools from the heritage of Chinese music, as well as translation of all functions in the Chinese language. The release includes a collection of sounds and adds traditional Chinese instruments: Pipa, Erhu and Chinese percussion, as well as 300 new loops to Chinese music, created by Apple.

“I’m always looking for new ways to expand the boundaries of his music. App GarageBand has become for me a great tool: I can experiment and add in new songs the elements on the go, — said JJ Lin. — I like that the new version of GarageBand there was a traditional Chinese instruments and the new magnifier. Now I can mix traditional with modern sounds to create original sound”.

Users can now create music in the Chinese style right on your iPhone, iPad or Mac. In GarageBand for iOS has also added two new Chinese template Live Loops and new export options in popular Chinese social network: users can easily show off your creations to your friends and subscribers through the services of QQ and Youku.

“GarageBand is the most popular application for creating music in the world. We are pleased to introduce these new features, inspired by the rich history of traditional Chinese music, said Susan Prescott, Vice President of worldwide product marketing. The traditional Chinese tools and new templates Live Loops in GarageBand are giving you the opportunity easy and fun to compose Chinese music directly to iPhone, iPad or Mac.

GarageBand users can play Chinese percussion instruments Pipa and Erhu, leveraging the Multi-Touch gestures on iPhone and iPad, and Mac — use the built-in musical keyboard or use third-party keyboards connect via USB. Each tool supports different styles of performance: on the Pipa available quick bust and tightening of the strings, Erhu supports malism and glissando. On the iPhone you can even use a 3D Touch with Erhu and Pipa to dynamically control vibrato and volume. Pipa and Erhu also support auto play: the user can touch any chord and hear bright solid performance. In addition to these tools, in the new GarageBand appeared a collection of Chinese percussion, including drums, boxes, plates and gongs.

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