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Apple CEO congratulated Twitter with a 10-year anniversary

Apple CEO Tim cook congratulated the Twitter social network and its founder Jack Dorsey on the anniversary. The microblogging service celebrates its ten years.

“Congratulations on the tenth birthday of Twitter Jack Dorsey and in all social networks. Thank you for giving us such an unrealistic MegaFon”, – wrote in his microblog head of Apple. The message Tim cook revitol 2650 users layknuli and more than 5500 times.

The founders of Twitter was a simple idea by Jack Dorsey, Creator of a network of people around the world, ten years ago thought only of the site for a small group of people who could instantly communicate, exchanging a few phrases. Such short posts wore the original name of “status”.

The notorious limitation of characters (140 per message) was taken not from the ceiling. Dorsey did your service with an eye on the popular SMS-messages, in which also there was a limit of characters. About the feasibility of such a concept, which the creators of Twitter never changed during the ten years, still there is debate.

On the eve of the anniversary of Dorsey stated that this limitation is Twitter planning to save by putting an end to rumors about the intention of the social network to increase the limit to 10,000 characters.

“It will remain. This is a good restriction for us and it provides a momentary short,” said Dorsey in an interview with NBC Today.

Rumors that Twitter may lose the main features, abandoning the limit of 140 characters appeared in the beginning of the year. Then Dorsey hinted that the developers are experimenting in this direction, but no final decision yet. Now, judging according to the CEO of the company, it is adopted.

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Note that the record in the Russian segment of Twitter by the number of readers has established the most popular Russian user of the network – Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev – his 4.76 million subscribers. In second place is TV host Ivan Urgant, who 4,71 million readers. The official news of the Kremlin watching of 3.05 million people.

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