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Apple CEO about the “ban on Muslims” trump: Steve jobs was the son of an immigrant

It is no secret that the father of Steve jobs was a native of Syria, migrated to the United States. In light of the recent decrees of the President, Donald trump for many, this information has acquired a sacred meaning. In particular, this fact is pointed out the current head of Apple Tim cook in an interview with the students of the University of Glasgow in Scotland.

On a question affecting the migration ban of Donald trump, CEO of Apple said, “Steve was the son of the immigrant.” And if by “Muslim ban” existed in those years, neither the jobs nor Apple would simply not appear.

A decree to toughen the rules of entry in the United States and the admission of refugees was signed by trump on January 27. Document stops the program the admission of refugees to 120 days in General, and from Syria indefinitely. In addition, 90 days is prohibited entry into the United States to citizens of countries listed as “high risk”, even if they have American visa. Their list included Syria, as well as six countries with a Muslim majority — Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen.

Father Steve jobs, abdulfattah “John” Jandali, born and raised in Syria — one of the countries where the citizens are Donald trump denied entry to the States. He came to the USA in 1950-e years of study at the University of Wisconsin, and originally came from the Syrian HOMS.

One student asked Tim cook whether Apple in the spirit of the founder, especially in light of the advent of the Apple stylus Pencil. Steve jobs is known to be extremely negative attitude to the stylus. To this cook replied that Apple Pencil is not a pen but a tool for creativity. “Steve’s DNA will always be the core of Apple. It is deeply embedded in the company. We really appreciate his philosophy. His philosophy is, I think, will be the core of Apple in 100 years,” said the CEO.

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