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Apple caught in possession of a remote browsing history of the browser user. iPhone and Mac

History Safari, delete user actually does not disappear from the cloud service iCloud, and continues to be stored on Apple servers for a long time. This was announced by the experts of the Russian company Elcomsoft.

History of the Safari browser you can delete as a whole or in separate records. Deleted records regularly disappear with synchronized devices. If you try to reset the device, and then restore it from the “cloud” – it will be only those records that have not been removed. Researchers from the laboratory Elcomsoft has managed to figure out that “deleted” by the user to record the history of the Safari browser is not actually deleted from the “cloud”, and remain in iCloud for a long time.

According to experts, they managed to remove from iCloud the story even a year ago. In addition to the name of the site and the URL, in the cloud, Apple stores information about the last time that link was visited, and exactly when the entry was removed.

“Apple was the only company that continues to be stored on their servers entry from the browser history even after the user remove them, — said the head of “Elcomsoft” Vladimir Katalov, Without a doubt, such an implementation of cloud sync is able to provide law enforcement assistance in solving crimes.”

The appropriate tool allows you to retrieve deleted history Safari, the company added new version for mobile forensics, Elcomsoft Phone Breaker.

First the possibility of extracting the logs of the old Safari experts told Forbes magazine. Within a few hours after publishing, Apple has made fixes on the server side, removing all entries older than two weeks. The publication asked for comments to Apple, but Cupertino to comment on the situation refused.

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iCloud stores your browsing history in Safari to synchronize data between different devices. For example, if you delete the record of visiting the site on a Mac, it will automatically disappear from iPhone linked to the same iCloud account.

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