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Apple CarPlay will be available to owners of new Hyundai Elantra 2017

Hyundai announced support for the automotive technology Apple CarPlay in the line of cars Elantra 2017 model year. The function will allow drivers to use iPhone as fully as possible, while not being distracted from the road.

Popular on the Western market and titled Elantra GT sixth generation will present at the auto show in Philadelphia. Wide multimedia features, noise isolation, ride quality, complete safety for the driver and passengers confidently put in the Hyundai Elantra line of cars of high class, says the automaker.

Hyundai announces the onboard vehicle system with a touchscreen interface that resembles iOS. You can control it by touching the main panel of the management bodies or with voice using Siri. The Elantra electrical system was presented by multimedia systems with 7 – and 8-inch touch screen, a voice assistant has a button on the steering wheel.

Menu CarPlay users will find the familiar iPhone features – navigation using Apple maps, calls, music player, short message. For example, the voice command can activate a call, to build a route, turn on the music. Siri can also read received message and help recruit and send a response.

As support for CarPlay involves the use of Lightning connection, the automaker added in equipping the Elantra 2017 second USB port for charging other devices.

In the Hyundai emphasize that CarPlay is able to intuitively navigate in Maps, considering in their building data from recent trips, contacts, text messages and emails. The system is voiced route instructions, information on road conditions and expected time of arrival.

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At the end of December Hyundai, recall, announced that in the first quarter of 2016 Apple CarPlay will also be available to owners of Sonata. Users will have to buy an SD card with the new software-enabled technologies. On the cost of the upgrade information yet, but Volvo requests for optional installation functions in Russia about 35 000 rubles.

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