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Apple can “kill” iTunes, dividing its functions between different applications

At the time when broadband Internet was considered as something unreal, a life of owners of iOS-devices iTunes rules. A universal program for library sync with Apple gadgets received at your address, perhaps, more negative than any other Apple product. Hardly there are those who would call themselves a connoisseur of iTunes. If the company finally decided to abandon the program, which develops more than 16 years?

Today Apple announced the renaming of the service “iTunes Podcasts” in the “Apple Podcasts”. Podcast creators have added new icons and a label that says Apple Podcasts instead of the previous logo with the mention of branded player. Techaeris observers believe that Apple was preparing to completely abandon the brand iTunes.

“Now when came the Apple Music, moving users in the area of streaming, Apple is thinking about rebranding. In the iOS App Store there is no mention of iTunes macOS App Store program is also not mentioned (though both are synced with iTunes). Perhaps the software that I hate many users will be completely revised to fit into the new paradigm with Apple Music and Apple Podcasts”.

iTunes is a kind of Swiss knife in the world of software, because it solves many completely different tasks: playing music, sync content, listen to music, download videos, app store, etc. the Refusal of a single hub in favor of several independent applications sharing capabilities of iTunes can be a smart move by Apple.

Previously, as an experiment, German students reinterpreted the functionality of iTunes and divided it into several separate programs. So, the Albums app combines all the best from the music library iTunes. Playlists, artists and individual songs can be reordered for most efficient work with them. AppControl program is intended for search and download mobile applications – an analogue of App Store.

As in the case of iTunes, the developers provided a sync mobile devices with your computer using the cable. Among other applications we can also note the Sync application to sync data on iPhone and iPad, Simplay – compact mini-player, player for podcasts, Podcasts, video player, Movie Time and Shows to watch movies and TV shows, respectively, iRadio, Push, MusicFiner and others.

Perhaps, many would agree that iTunes has the right to exist, although it seems quite overloaded and therefore useless. But agree, it’s great that many of the features of “tuna” now does with iCloud. To work with the cloud still not in the example easier.

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