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Apple came to the conclusion that without the partial waiver of privacy the further development of Siri and other services cannot

Apple starts a new campaign, in which users are taught to a partial waiver of privacy. Services such as Siri will work better if the company will be able to perform the users ‘ personal data.

Of course, the complete abandonment of privacy. Data are collected completely anonymously. As noted in PCweek, that is stored in the iCloud and what/how encrypted, Apple describe in detail with respect to the site.

However, firstly, on the website are obviously not all – recently, experts Elcomsoft found that among other things in the cloud stores the logs, but he’s not mentioned (though perhaps hidden under the “iCloud Drive”). Second, it has long been known that the encryption keys (everything except “keychain”) is stored together with the data, and therefore access to them (and the possibility of decoding) have all who have physical access.

Finally, there is no clear description of what they will do to improve Siri. Themselves to handle? Maybe third-party services? What? If you can trust them? And another question — and the intelligence services to query this data issue? Most likely Yes (here we can recall the recent case Amazon Alexa).

The second important point. Apple is not the first who reads our data: Google a long time this makes, e.g., scanning mail. The company also analyzes search queries to offer relevant advertising.

Apple long claimed that we need to protect the privacy of users, but the company wants to make services like Siri more intelligent. How? A new feature in iOS 10.3, released for testing, asks that users of iPhone and iPad shared with the company information from iCloud. ICloud service include file storage, email, calendars, photo management, password synchronization, music and video.

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Privacy – sensitive and technically very complex issue for technology companies. The approval of the Apple, we can have good service, and acceptable level of privacy. The company has always promoted privacy even with earlier versions of iOS, which already has collected data on the use of iPad and iPhone users.

Privacy has always been a subject of pride for Apple and attempt to highlight its products. In 2015, the head of the Corporation Tim cook has criticised Google, saying that she “eats everything what can learn about you and trying to capitalize on users ‘personal data”.

But today, in the era of artificial intelligence, services, virtual assistants, more and more important, and if so, then users should get used to the idea that this is all done for their benefit that their privacy is so much less than new opportunities and new facilities. Thus, users gradually accustomed to the idea that for convenience you must sacrifice privacy.

“Services such as Apple iCloud is an important part of our life, – says Vladimir Katalov, CEO of Elcomsoft, engaged in forensic examination of mobile devices and cloud services. – It is difficult to imagine modern business processes without the use of the “cloud”, they do provide a new level of convenience previously unavailable. However, have to pay for it. Vendors assure us in strict confidentiality and to use strong encryption, but if you have enough qualifications to be sure? However, it is not always possible. We are not saying that the security of your data at risk. But the risks definitely need to be aware of. Security is an ongoing process, and you will not only have to carefully examine the confidentiality agreement (which, incidentally, is not always simple and require specific skills to understand), but also to assess how much you trust the company providing a particular service. But in this case, it guarantees nobody will give you”.

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