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Apple called the Apple Watch the best cheat sheet for students

To promote the Apple Watch in preparation for the new academic year for Apple marketers came up with the original course, reports 9to5Mac. Consultants network of retail stores will tell customers that smart watches are the best purchase for students, as a wearable computer can be used unbeknownst to the teacher.

Features of the new tactics are explained in the video, senior Vice President of Apple retail sales Angela Ahrendts. Of course, the consultants will not overtly say that the Apple Watch will be a perfect cheat sheet for lessons and lectures. But to master the electronic new teachers before, enough hint.

“Apple Store employees Ahrendts said that the Apple Watch is “an excellent purchase for the school season”, because the device can be used in classrooms unbeknownst to the teacher, unlike the larger iPhone, – says the publication. She added, “I don’t think that teachers are not yet in the thread about the Apple Watch,” noting that employees of the stores should offer students “faster to take this opportunity””.

It should be noted that some higher education institutions have already banned the use of Apple Watch and other smart watches on the exams. In particular, forbidden to carry on the exam along with other gadgets and mobile phones. About it in may, warned the leadership of the service. “Definitely when passing through the frame metal detectors, check, or conventional electronic watch, do they have Bluetooth and access to the Internet,” explained Deputy head of the Department Anzor Muzaev.

At the University of Pennsylvania in turn, trying to figure out whether “smart” watches to increase the efficiency of the educational process.

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