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Apple called Nokia a “patent Troll” and has filed a counterclaim against her

On Wednesday, Nokia has sued Apple, accusing it of violating its patents on technology used in the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. After the company from Cupertino has filed a countersuit against the Finnish company in the United States and Germany.

In 2011, Apple settled a protracted two-year patent dispute with Nokia, agreeing to pay royalties for its use of certain patents in the iPhone. According to some reports, Nokia received about $720 million.

In the statement of claim, sent to a California court on Tuesday, Apple said that Nokia has expelled a portion of patents from the agreement in 2011 and handed them over to third parties “in order to extort additional payments”. She asked the court to charge the Nokia losses, and confirm the breach of contract by Nokia.

On Wednesday Nokia had sent writs to the courts of Germany (düsseldorf, Mannheim and Munich) and USA (district court of the state of Texas) alleging that Apple violated its patent 32, ranging from displays, user interface, software and antennas to video encoding. Head of patent business Nokia Ilkka Rahnasto said that the company tried to negotiate with Apple the possibility of legitimate use of these 32 patents before you go to court.

An Apple representative said that the company has always been willing to pay a fair price for the patents used in its products. “Unfortunately, Nokia has refused to license their patents on a fair basis, and now she uses the tactics of patent trolls to extort money from Apple,” he added.

Meanwhile, shares of the Finnish company Nokia fell nearly 5% after it became known about the lawsuit against Apple. As at 15:00 MSK shares fell by 4.65% to €4,51 per share on the stock exchange of Helsinki. The capitalization of the company is €26,45 billion.

Yesterday the company announced that it had filed lawsuits in regional courts of düsseldorf, Mannheim and Munich in Germany and in the U.S. district court for the Eastern district of Texas. In total we are talking about violating 32 patents, including patents on the production technology of displays and technology development of the user interface and software.

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